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RE: OT the best cheap recording solution

Title: RE: OT the best cheap recording solution

>>Many of the problems you cite seem to be endemic to minidiscs (at least the Sony models).<<

experiences I've had with other models (the aforementioned sharp & denon machines, & our drummer's HHB pro-portable) would indicate that the problem is sony's own implementation rather than a general format shortcoming.

I'm actually a fan of atrac in the right context; it does seem to be good at masking unwanted noises when you are in an acoustically lively environment.... but I concur that it does strange & sometimes unwelcome things in terms of overall fidelity; albums that I've known for years sounded almost remixed on the md.

so it does a reasonable job of capturing live sound- it's shortcomings work in it's favour, because atrac compression is (reputedly) modelled on the behaviour of human hearing. but when you expect 100% fidelity... it's just not there.

>>the ability to dump from MD to computer is restricted.<<

the biggest nuisance of all. so I dump my 80' md's onto 80' cd-r using the denon units. not everyone can afford this kind of approach, I realise....

>>One thing that's interesting about the Edirol R-4 is that it can do four tracks simultaneously<<

I'll be looking into this, but I do like the removable media of md, & it's easy availability.



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