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RE: OT ELP/JP f(rip)p

Title: RE: OT ELP/JP f(rip)p

>>The music I play sounds nothing like,in fact has no obvious continuity
with what I was playing in 1970-Thank God.I'm sure I seem to be a really
different person than I was then.But I still use the same name.<<

yeah, but fripp is using a name that at various times has meant a collective, & not just him. in fact, on more than one occasion, he's been sitting at the rear of such a collective, unlit....

I think there's a suspicion amongst some of us that he drags out this moniker when fortunes are flagging, & that to some degree he is inviting the audience to make associations with crimsons past.

at one & the same time, therefore, he is suggesting that the various musicians involved are "in" king crimson & that they are therefore part of an ongoing process of crimson-ness, while distancing himself from any responsibility for the outcome (by not highlighting his own name or indeed presence).

we all know, of course, that "king crimson" means "the robert fripp band" & that it won't be doing a version of "I talk to the trees" though it will likely have a stab at "21CSM" by way of appeasing the crowd. he's not fooling us.

the "exposure" album (one of my favourite fripp projects) could legitimately have been labelled "king crimson", as could the various "projekct" releases or the "league of gentlemen" albums.

they had different personnel (though wetton receives a credit in "exposure"'s sleevenotes for unspecified reasons), granted, but then so did all of the crimson albums.... there never was a stable line-up, never the same people for more than two releases until the discipline line-up. & the third was a struggle.

it's interesting that he avoided using the branding while punk was raging, since he had himself coined the phrase "dinosaur rock" to describe the sorts of musical endeavours so despised by the punk-espousing music press of the time.

there is nothing really to link the first crimson album with anything subsequent, except that the second one is almost a carbon-copy of it.

it more closely resembles some of what lake went on to do with ELP ("take a pebble" for example).

& returning to the end of the 70s, he'd just abandoned the three-part project of which "exposure" was one element (there's also "sacred songs" by daryl hall, on which fripp played & produced about half of the material), then there was the league of gentlemen.... I think he thought that adding "discipline" as a name for his new outfit would just confuse people, especially as he'd got bill bruford involved again.

I was 17 or 18 at the time.... punk had killed itself & it's girlfriend.... & it seemed quite logical that this new outfit should be a king crimson.

but from this distance, & with what he's done with the name in the meantime, it seems like an unfortunate habit.... a way of saying "robert fripp projekct" without using his own name....

he doesn't like drawing attention to himself, does he?

duncan/r.m.i. (est. 1982)


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