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RE: looping and using monitors

When I played at the loopers conference in Santa Cruz, I used ear
monitors for the first time. At the time, I was using some Sony versions
that insert right into your ear...they were about $30 and worked great.
Since then, I've purchased the Sure E2 mini earphones:


They are more sturdy and fit into your ear better. The Sony earphones
fell out easily.  Since I play acoustic, this approach works great,
especially for the big gigs....eliminates the problem of feedback.


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hi folks,
i am being hired to do gigs where i lay down a groove
with different percussion instruments then play and
sing on top of that.This is a new ball game for me
instead of just sitting and improvising and is really challenging
switching between part a and b,singing, playing,switching guitars and of
course not fucking up:-)But it thrills me lately and it seems to get
more attention from the audience rather than playing with a drum
machine.The problem i am having is getting the sound bleeding out of the
monitors into the loop and yes, i do need a monitor to hear my
singing.ive seen some ear monitors but they are way expensive here, can
anybody here using ear monitors give me a tip? do most of you
looper-singer-guitarrists out there use monitors on stage or avoid them
all together? Luis


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