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Re: Sad Sad News

David Beardsley wrote:

> Michael Firman wrote:
>> I know there are a few keyboard players on this list so I thought I'd
>> post the fact that Jimmy Smith passed away yesterday (Feb 8th) at
>> his home in Scottsdale Ariz. He was 79.
>> Man what a vacancy he leaves!
> There is a memorial broadcast on WKCR.org all today and tommorow.
Jimmy Smith Memorial Broadcast
2/9 - 2/11

WKCR will be honoring the musical genius of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, 
who passed away Tuesday, Feb 8th. A special memorial broadcast airing 
his works will commence *Wednesday, February 9th and run uninterrupted 
until 6:45 PM on Friday, February 11th.*

Jimmy Smith was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania on December 8th, 1925. 
As the first musician to integrate the sounds of the Hammond B-3 organ 
into jazz, his influence is far-reaching and monumental. Join WKCR as we 
celebrate the life and musical splendor of this distinguished jazz 

* David Beardsley
* microtonal guitar
* http://biink.com/db