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Re: EDP and FC-200: Can I send only a "note off"?

CAn anybody help me? Please...
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From: Cox
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 10:29 AM
Subject: EDP and FC-200: Can I send only a "note off"?

I would like to use my FC-200 to change the loop that's being played on my EDP . I have a little problem:
            I use the "bank pedal up" to go to the next loop (located at source # + 8). This way, I can go through my loops upwards. But it would be convenient to reach the previous loop directly, without having to press many times to get back to loop 1. I know it is possible if a pedal sends only a 'note off" message on the Direct Midi function called "SUSnext loop" (located at source # + 20).       
So, does anyone know if I can set my FC-200 to send only a"note off" command  on "bank down"for example . In this case, the "bank up" would be next loop (as it is already), and "bank down" previous loop...
Thank you for helping ;-)