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Re: EDP and FC-200: Can I send only a "note off"?

Cox wrote:
> /CAn anybody help me? Please.../

This is an issue for the FC-200, do you have the manual?

 From what little I was able to gather on the web about the
FC-200 when I was looking at foot controllers awhile ago,
I doubt you can make it send only a note off.  Most foot
controllers in "note mode" send note on when you press
and note off when you release, which is almost always
what you want.

Look in the manual for any references to things like "MIDI bytes"
or "MIDI string", if you can configure a switch to send an arbitrary
string of MIDI bytes then you're golden.  But this is a rather
rare feature.

More likely, a switch can be configured to send one program change,
control change, or note message.  Find the description of how to specify
the type of message.  If all it says is "note" then you're probably
out of luck.  If you see specific phrases "note on" and "note off" then
you might be able to do what you want.

Since you were able to ferret out the relatively obscure SUSNextLoop
trick in the formidable EDP manual, I would think you could
find out how to program switches in the FC-200 manual :-)