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Re: Yet another new free VST looper

I"m amazed that in people's discussions of the biggest DAWs
that no one has mentioned Steinberg's CUBASE SX.

The VST plugin format which seems to becoming a dominant plugin format
(certainly in terms of the number available and the number of DAWs and 
programs (like fruity loops) that use it was started by Steinberg.

I personally am in love with FLStudio (formerly Fruity Loops) which 
having a very different
gui than the big DAWs can do much of what they can do at a fraction of the 

It also has a wonderful simple and intuitive drum machine styled interface 
with a tremendous amount of
generated arpeggiation and effects capabilities.

My new CD,  PURPLE HAND, which I will formerly release on February 27th 
done almost entirely with
this awesome program (with a lot of sound design help from Cycling 74's 
Pluggo suite and Max/MSP).

It uses VST plugins (a number of which I downloaded as freeware thanks to 
suggestions at the AudioPluginJunkiesAnnonymous
tribe at tribe.net).

Rick Walker
PURPLE HAND (abstract electronica)
L()()p.p()()L (live looping)