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RE: Yet another new free VST looper

I haven't the foggiest. I can only recommend that you keep watching that
page until there's an e-mail link on there...

Anyway, it's just a beta, hopefully he still has some development energy
left in him. 
BTW; I seem to remember a group of people on the internet, who ported
vsts requested by users. If you can track them down...


-----Original Message-----
From: RA336@aol.com [mailto:RA336@aol.com] 
Sent: 5. februar 2005 19:37
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Yet another new free VST looper

any chance for a mac vst version?
...pant... pant...

>Hi all,
>I just wanted to share this link with y'all.
>The plugin is by a guy at the Ableton forum called Angstrom, and the 
>plug is
>called the AngstroLooper.
>It's really good, it does both stereo and mono (yay) and it has a nice,
>clean ínterface with all the right functions (for me, anyways). It's a 
>and i reckon it promises a lot of good things.