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Re: Mahavishnu was more than speed Re: ELP and shredding

   In 73 I sawCoryell play and the opener was a trumpeter I'd never heard 
of,Chet Baker.I didn;t really like older jazz then I liked the wilder 
Bop,and Rhasan,Bitches Brew,I saw all the fusion stars ,but  relaxed tempo 
cool trumpet was not what I was interested.Baker played My Funny Valentine 
which I considered a pure cornball tune,the kind of stuff my father 
liked.But he put so much into it that he made one note have more 
of emotion than I'd ever dreamed possible.He played one note that changed 
whole concept of music. He was telling the Truth,he was testifying. In 
comparison Coryell was boring,he played a million notes .clever 
superimpositions,complex rhythms,but none of it moved me.