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Re: 60 cycle hum in racks - stopping the insanity / share your magic

Wall -wart transformers are quite notorious for their noise...especially 
ones Lexicon uses (someone mentioned the Vortex?)  When I used a larger, 
deeper rack one remedy I found was installing a power strip/surge 
as far to the back of the rack as possible; creating as much distance as 
possible between the wall warts and the equipment.  This greatly reduced 

I also tried warpping the transformers in foam...didn't work all that well.

Since then I have replaced all but one of my pieces with stuff that has 
internal pwr transformers.
Now the only problem I have is with my JamMan.  My fix was to buy a three 
foot industrial extension cord from the hardware store, wrap both it and 
cord to the JamMan pwr supply in some of that tubing Radio Shack and 
sell for cleaning up home theatre cable messes (this acts as a sort of 
strain relief for the JamMan cable) and plug that into the Furman pwr 
conditioner in my rack.  The three foot extension cord hand out of the 
of my rack, down to the floor with the noisy little JamMan transformer.  
Sure, it does not look as neat as having everything conatined and hidden 
the rack, but there is no hum!

As far as other ground loop problems go, HumFrees really do work wonders 
isolating gear from the rack chasis.

I amthinking quite seriously of checking into the Ebtech devices for hum 
removal on the JamMan supply.  My question is whether it will remove 
"transformer hum" or only deal with ground loop hum (which I think are to 
different little noise gremlins...) Any one have experience with these?