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RE: Keith Emerson made keys cool Re: Making Keyboards Look Cool

  Perhaps the problem isn't the instrument looking cool it's  the player 
looking like they're doing something.One solution is movement. ,one can 
up sideways to the audience so the keyboard's not blocking  the view,and 
on a rave up. You know Hendrix also expressed the deisire for people to 
close their eyes and listen to the music-he got tired of the circus 
act.Interstingly ,I've experienced African musicians who are playing super 
hot stuff,but adopt an extremely cool relaxed demeanor,as if it were 
effortless,a totally different style of macho poosing. In fact Africa is 
origin of cool-read Flash of the Spirit by Robert Farris Thompson.
One of the great things about percussion is it's physical enough that you 
don't have to exagerate  wildly to look like you're doing something.