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Re: plastic chorus pedal = gold Re: Sonic Alienator - bit reduction / decimation pedal

I've liked the Boss Flanger pedal (I think it's now called the BF-3) 
for bass clarinet.
Makes the thing just moan and groan.

On Feb 1, 2005, at 11:34 AM, thetoyroom@comcast.net wrote:

>>>> (Arion's still-super-cheap analog delay is wonderful, BTW, but I 
>>>> already have a
> plastic MXR Time Delay that is my personal path to g*d.)
> ~Tim
> but that goes to show you that taste is in the eye of the beholder, so 
> to speak.
> There's a local vintage shop near me that was blowing out the plastic 
> MXR time delays for 50 bucks or something like that...needless to say 
> I was very intrigued...until i plugged it in and felt it was weak and 
> uninspiring.  What good is an analog delay that won't even regenerate 
> into self-oscillation?  hehe.
> no offense, though, Tim.  If it works, use the hell out of it!
> as for cheapo pedals that I recently have liked...I borrowed my band 
> mates Danelectro Daddy-O distortion pedal.   Yum!  very sweet into my 
> little vibrochamp.
> Anybody have any hints for bass overdrive?  Tried out the Boss ODB-3 
> and the Digitech Bass Driver.  Ick on both of them.  My Sans Amp Bass 
> Driver overdrives very nice, but it's duty right now is my primary 
> preamp to my bass rig, so I can't be stomping on it as an overdrive 
> pedal.  My best bet right now is overdriving the signal using my 
> Hughes and Kettner Replex, on the reverb channel with the reverb 
> turned all the way down, so the signal is just gettting cranked 
> through the preamp tube.  It's a monster of a pedal, though, and I 
> prefer it at home in front of my guitar amp.
> Anybody tried the MXR M-80 on bass?
> geek out,
> rich
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