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Re: plastic chorus pedal = gold Re: Sonic Alienator - bit reduction / decimation pedal

>>>(Arion's still-super-cheap analog delay is wonderful, BTW, but I 
>already have a 
plastic MXR Time Delay that is my personal path to g*d.) 

but that goes to show you that taste is in the eye of the beholder, so to 
There's a local vintage shop near me that was blowing out the plastic MXR 
time delays for 50 bucks or something like that...needless to say I was 
very intrigued...until i plugged it in and felt it was weak and 
uninspiring.  What good is an analog delay that won't even regenerate into 
self-oscillation?  hehe.

no offense, though, Tim.  If it works, use the hell out of it!

as for cheapo pedals that I recently have liked...I borrowed my band mates 
Danelectro Daddy-O distortion pedal.   Yum!  very sweet into my little 

Anybody have any hints for bass overdrive?  Tried out the Boss ODB-3 and 
the Digitech Bass Driver.  Ick on both of them.  My Sans Amp Bass Driver 
overdrives very nice, but it's duty right now is my primary preamp to my 
bass rig, so I can't be stomping on it as an overdrive pedal.  My best bet 
right now is overdriving the signal using my Hughes and Kettner Replex, on 
the reverb channel with the reverb turned all the way down, so the signal 
is just gettting cranked through the preamp tube.  It's a monster of a 
pedal, though, and I prefer it at home in front of my guitar amp.

Anybody tried the MXR M-80 on bass?

geek out,