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RE: Line mixer w 2 effects sends?

     I am on the lookout for something similar.  As a keyboard player, I 
do almost everything in
stereo and rely on stereo FX sends and returns.  For quite a while I was 
using a Mackie
1604VLZpro, though I found the 16 channels (read 8 stereo) to be at the 
very limit of what I
commonly used with no room for expansion.  I did like the 6 aux sends (1-4 
plus a button push
turns 3/4 into 5/6), and 4 sub outs.  Now if this mixer could be made into 
a stereo mixer without
all the mic pres...

     About a year ago, I purchased the discontinued Mackie 3204 rack 
mounted mixer which gives 16
stereo inputs.  This works well as far as supplying a necessary amount of 
inputs, though the sends
are more limited than on the 1604.  It has two sends, one stereo, one mono 
that can be routed to
sends 3 and 4 with a pushbutton, again one stereo and one mono.  That is 
its biggest downfall in
my book, why couldn't they have made all the sends stereo?  And to have 
four knobs as sends
instead of two knobs and one button switch?  And no submixes?  I'd give up 
the three eq knobs per
channel to put more sends/submixes and/or make the whole thing smaller.

     Has anyone seen a small 4 rackunit size mixer?  The 3204 is 6 spaces, 
I'd like more
functionality in less space (and for a good price and I want it 
yesterday...)  Someone posted a
mixer recently that could do a lot of what I'm asking for, though it cost 

     The quest continues...


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