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RE: Boss Octave Pedal

> Of course, I've already thought about this option, and I can already 
>play bass 
> well enough for my purposes, I'd say.  But switching between guitar and 
> over and over again for each song (during different parts of a song) 
>just isn't 
> all that practical (and if I was in the audience, I'd start getting 
>pissed at 
> having to hear the loop those extra times, and I don't personally like 
>it much 
> either being the performer).  The ability to switch instantly would be a 
> plus.  

Yeah, this is my rationale, too. With the switch on the guitar I can 
instantly between 6 strings of guitar, 2 bass  + 4 guitar, and 
6 of bass. Not practical with a regular freaking electric bass and guitar.

Eventually, when I totally master the Stick, I'll be able to do it all 
with no looping, but that will require about 100 times as much practicing 
the Chili Dog/loop setup.

Mark Smart