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Looping History

   I'd always thought Pierre Shaeffer had invented looping(at least I 
thought that since I found out about such things) ,and according to this 
history<http://csunix1.lvc.edu/~snyder/em/schaef.html>, he did,only he did 
it by cutting a nonspiral groove into a phono disc  In 1942 while working 
for Radio Televison France. So he would have had access to cutting edge 
technology so to speak.  His engineer/assistant ,Pierre Henry was a 
of Messian. Apparently Shaeffer's work lead directly to the 
Mellotron,arguably the first commercial looping device 
<http://csunix1.lvc.edu/~snyder/em/mc.html#phono> In some circles Les Paul 
has long been given credit for inventing multitracking,I don't know how 
accurate this is ,but he does seem to have introduced it into popular 
  "In 1951, RTF provided Schaeffer with a new studio. It included a tape 
recorder. This was an important event as the phonograph had been his tool 
for composition up to that point. One of the recorders had 5 track 
capability. One , known as the Morphophone, had 12 playback heads, which 
allowed for tape echo and a pseudo reverb effect. Two other decks known as 
Phonogenes were designed to play prerecorded loops at different speeds 
came with a 12 note keyboard!). At this time, while stereo was still in 
developement, Schaeffer had the means of playing up to 5 separate tracks 
with 5 separate speakers.


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