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Looping History

   I posted a question  to a discussion list for Other Mind's festival in 
S.F.about who the engineer  for Terry Riley  might be who was mentioned in 
Michael Peter's History of Looping. Here's one answer-"
A friend of mine, Eric Van der Wyk helped Riley with the physical
construction of his setup, but as to the device itself, Richard's right.
Anyone who's into sounds and had access to more than one machine came upon
that technique right away. In 1955 or 56 I was doing that and loved the 
that the two machines ran at slightly different speeds, so with each
iteration the tone shifted about an 8th tone, the direction of shift 
with the order of the two machines in the path.
We were all doing multiple-voiced recordings by covering the erase head and
using a clock or other such as a synchronizer.

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