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Re: loopin japan

Hi Michael,

Our gigs in Kobe is next month,November.

Anyway, thank you for your care.
About earthquakes, our location is Kansai area(it means 
Kobe,Osaka,Kyoto etc.) is safety in this time, Niigata is far from 

about Kobe, big typhoons came in this year, 10 typhoons total..
and still announcement mudslide cautions for some mountain side area..
we have little some damage by heavy rain and flood damage for 
vegetable and rice fields.
in last week,our near river has over flow then the flood was 1.5m 
water in near some houses..
my location was safety and a no damages but we mast be keep careful..


At 10:32 PM -0400 04.10.25, Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
>i don't have the info handy.....were bernard and james and someone 
>else(?) supposed to be in japan with sunoa doing some major looping 
>this past week?.....i was wondering if the earthquakes played a part 
>in anything.....i hope all is well.....michael