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Re: loopin japan

Hi Sunao,
I knew the quake did happen far from Kansai, but I'm glad to see you're ok.
...take care on that dangerous road to home...
With my kindest regards,
Marco (yes I finally subscribed) Ronci 


Sunao Inami Scrive: 

> Hi Michael, 
> Our gigs in Kobe is next month,November.
> http://www.cavestudio.com/LD_J 
> Anyway, thank you for your care.
> About earthquakes, our location is Kansai area(it means 
> Kobe,Osaka,Kyoto etc.) is safety in this time, Niigata is far from 
> here.. 
> about Kobe, big typhoons came in this year, 10 typhoons total..
> and still announcement mudslide cautions for some mountain side area..
> we have little some damage by heavy rain and flood damage for 
> vegetable and rice fields.
> in last week,our near river has over flow then the flood was 1.5m 
> water in near some houses..
> my location was safety and a no damages but we mast be keep careful.. 
>   Sunao