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RE: TC FireworX /G-force

Title: Re: TC FireworX /G-force
I understand how you feel, as I sold my pod a few months back and went back to using a groove tubes trio and voodlabs cabtone. I no longer get the 31 amp flavors but I do get better sound and feel. The problem is taking this stuff on the road, as it is heavy, and full of tubes. so I'm considering something simple like a sansamp  stompbox that is analog, and helps to warm a direct sound up a bit. I recall hughes and ketner made something with a preamp tube that was similar. Have you had any experience with these, and if so, do they make a simple one that does a decent clean fender sound?
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my 2c: after years of being a happy t.c. G-force user I had to get rid of mine because. It's a great sounding and very reliable unit but the original (guitar) signal at all times undergoes an analog-to-digital-backto-analog conversion, even if you are just dialing in a little bit of reverb and/or delay (= effects that can be run in parallel). I am 100% back to stomp boxes/line mixers now with the EDP being my only rackunit left, which is a drag in a way, but it does sound (and, ahem feel) better.