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Re: TC FireworX (was: mp3 of G2 & EDP)

You got that right!
Despite the cool processing options, I remember my FireworX experience 
as my biggest disappointment ever for an FX purchase. I sold a G-Force 
that I loved to get it, because I was seduced by the tc literature into 
thinking the FireworX would be a G-Force on steriods. Turned out it was 
a crippled G-Force (which could always run all 8 processor types, with 
marvelously diverse routing options) with idiot-savant powers (never 
could get more than 3 processors going at once, and usually crapped out 
at 2)...Current fave processors:
KSP8...astounding! THIS is the legitimate heir to that 
old-school-wonder, the Ensoniq DP-4.
Eventide Eclipse....deep and yummy!
Both of these wipe the floor with the FireworX, imo, (but wouldn't if 
they bumped the horse power!). I've posted detailed reviews of most of 
these at H-C, fwiw. They're both quite respectable delay loopers, 

On Oct 20, 2004, at 2:46 PM, Alan Kroeger wrote:

> Very nice UI.
> The downside? Lacking processing power...with those possibilities 
> regarding
> patch constructions, I could use like four times of the available 
> power...