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Re: Psychedelic Jew's Harp: J. M. Nasim

In a message dated 10/20/04 12:57:29 PM, nospam@akroeger.com writes:

<<  is
Bob the thumb piano guy still around let's see what he thinks. >>

Still here in the nether reaches of cyberspace after all that has befallen 
our fragile planet? Still here after all these years in spite of it all?

I had a listen, made me think of Tuvan throat singing music.
There seems to be pitch shift going on and a whatever you call it sampled 
band pass beat generating like the Adrenalinn does, some freq shifting and 

Hard to say what is being applied, there may be some delay with feedback 
turned up all the way, or he may be using a Jamman but I suspect he would 
really need to since he is basically wailing on one prong. He also might 
working in stereo and splitting the signal into 2 different banks of 
sounds like he is getting at least 4 layers on some tracks.

The little Ineko processor and the Kaoss pad can do some of that stuff but 
mentions "automated" processing so maybe he is using a laptop and LIVE? 

He is getting a nice full sound and it has a friendly loping quality 
like the gait of a horse not looping), just all a bit similar.

Pretty interesting but I personally prefer the Mongolian and Tuvan stuff.