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TC FireworX (was: mp3 of G2 & EDP)

You asked:

> On a similar note related to the G2, is anyone out there using the TC
> Electronics FireworX effects unit?

I'm using one (as is or was our own Luca Formentini btw). The quick 
the greatest thing about this device is its flexibility when it comes to
routing and modulation (can't compare it to the G2, as I don't know it).
Basically, you can arrange and combine your different effects any way I
could think of. Two inputs into two different effects, which then go into a
ring modulator, which is then effected by two different effects which are
routed two two different outputs...you get the picture. Plus, you have the
added bonus of a freely assignable feedback chain (i.e. for building your
tape delay simulations where you place your compression/distortion/eq in 
feedback chain around your delay). And you can add an external insert
anywhere in your processing chain.

And the modulation possibilities: you have envelope follower, adsrs, lfos
MIDI controllers (the standards), pitch detection, a step sequencer and
mathematical functions to work on your modulation signals. Everything is
possible here.

Regarding effects, apart from the standards (delay, flanger/chorus, reverb,
pitch shifter, dynamics, ringmod), you get a very nice digital artifacts
generator, a formant wah, a vocoder, a synth (!) and several nice other

Very nice UI.

The downside? Lacking processing power...with those possibilities regarding
patch constructions, I could use like four times of the available power...

For detailed questions, feel free to inquire by private email!


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