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Re: Ground Control

Jeff Evans wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>  Does anyone out there have a Ground Control manual (paper or pdf) 
> that I can get my eyes on?

The only thing I could find when I was investigating this unit was
this Harmony Central forum:


 From what I can tell, the switches only do program changes.  You can
plug in two CC pedals, but there are mixed reviews on how well this
works.  According to one reviewer you must use volume pedals rather
than expression pedals (apparently they compensate for the logarithmic
taper in a volume pedal).

The 7-pin cable allows it to use MIDI phantom power, though not many
devices supply phantom power.  It was intended for use with the CGX
switching system.  It is certainly not usable for controlling an EDP or
any other device that requires control changes or notes.