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12 Tone Composition - "Entanglement"

I thought I would share this with LP...a composition I started over the
weekend, using the 12 tone composition method, which I posted for review
in the CT Collective group.  Roger Digi proposed a new project based on
12 composition, and I took the bait.  This song is far too complex to
perform and loop live, so I may end up writing a few more 12 tone
compositions that I can perform live with the EDPs.  If there is a piano
player on LP who can play the sheet music I posted, I'll pay your
mortgage for the next year!  :)  Ever heard of Frank Zappa's
Civilization Phase III?


See below for the details on the composition process, the sounds, etc.


I call this composition "Entanglement", named after one of my favorite
books on quantum physics, by Amir D. Aczel.   Call it an entanglement of
Webern and hip hop! Soon me and my guitar will get mixed up in the mess.

I still plan to add a guitar solo (consistent with the primary row) over
the middle section of this song, plus improve and experiment with some
other instruments, which will complete the tune.  I just bought Finale
2005, which has both Sound Fonts and compatibility with third part Sound
Fonts, which will be a HUGE improvement over my laptop's GM MIDI sound
card sounds. I tested the song with the demo version of the software,
and the output is unbelievable, especially with the humanizer function. 

Here's how I wrote the song:

First, my primary 12 tone row is A, F, D, F#, Eb, G, C, C#, E, Bb, Ab,
B.  This isn't random, rather I experimented with the 12 tones until I
found a  sequence that felt good to me. 

Second, I used the online program to generate my matrix of permutations
(prime, inversion, retrograde, and retrograde inversion):

Third, I used my notation software, Finale 2001, to compose the song
using  the matrix of rows.  A link to the sheet music and the sound clip
is  below.  In sequence, I used the primary row, the first inversion
row,  the second primary row, the second inversion row, the twelfth
retrograde  inversion row, the 12th retrograde row, the first through
eleventh retrograde rows, and finally the third primary row.  I some
cases I  wrote in single note sequence; in other cases, I used the rows
more  quickly with tone clusters.  

Fourth, I used Acid and some drum sample loops I purchased from the
SonicFoundry web site to create some hip groove beats to add to the mix.

Fifth, I integrated and mastered all of the above with ProTools LE.  I
repeated a few sections, so the sheet music is  only the core
composition, with some parts repeated in the actual sound clip.

Sixth, next version will have a live guitar track, higher quality Sound
Font sounds, and perhaps some new underlying ambient textures.

Sound clip and sheet music:


Krispen Hartung