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New CD release "Primeros Ciclos"

Hi Gang,
Just wanted to share with you that finally my new CD
"Primeros Ciclos" is out, i presented it last week at
Heiko Haschlars "Museumsnacht Kunst Austellung" and
you might be able to preview some of the tracks at my
i am still amazed that 24 copies were sold!
anyway i don´t want to ramble too much about it
,the CD is a combination of loops done with the EDP
and produced here in my home studio plus 3 tracks
which were recorded live in Brescia Italy.
If u are interested in purchasing one,i should have it
at CD baby available soon,which will be selling for
12.00dlls. otherwise if u would like to get one now
mail me privately,i will be selling them for 8.00 dlls
to loopers-delight members plus shipping)
Thank you all kindly for your support and loop on!


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