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Re: CDs of Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 now available

In a message dated 10/17/04 1:15:05 AM, rob@robinhaas.com writes:

I have finally completed the 2 separate volumes of CDs of the Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 (2003).

imagine my joy and delight when robin walked through the doors of the "resonent church" last sunday, add to that the box of cds in his arms.....now imagine my ears smiling at the wealth of music on said cds.....WHAT AN EXCELLENT LABOR OF LOVE!!!!!.....THANK YOU ROBIN.....to see my name listed with the likes of AMY X, GARY REGINA, DA WALKER BROTHERS, MATT DAVIGNON, ETC ETC.....well, you get the idea.....so before you go to the CT-COLLECTIVE and snarf up all the tunes there, send dear robin some scoot and get these two wonderful cds.....it will inspire you to hold a LOOPFEST in your town.....i can't thank robin enought for his great effort!!!!!.....michael