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RE: book review

At a music school in Cambridge, MA, while I waited for my daughter's lesson
to finish, I happened across a VERY old book called New Directions In
Music. It's roughly JFK-era, if memory serves, so it covers the great early
electronic musicians from a fascinating perspective...e.g., back then, tube
oscillators were nowsville, daddy-o! (LOL)
I'm gonna look for a copy.
Yours in Sound,
Tim Mungenast

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> From: <Aptrev@aol.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 10/11/2004 10:56:40 PM
> Subject: book review
> I recently came across a book at my local alt. bookstore, bought it and
> been enjoying it so I thought it worth a mention.
> The book is:
> Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music
> edited by Cox & Warner
> ISBN 0-8264-1615-2
> paperback 454 pgs.
> It is an anthology of short writings by a variety of contributors: John
> Brian Eno, Pauline Oliveros, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Glenn Gould, Chris
> and many more.
> Organized into 2 main parts, Theory and Practice, the subsections 
> Music and Its Others: Noise, Sound, Silence
> Modes of Listening
> Experimental Musics
> Improvised Musics
> Minimalisms
> DJ Culture
> Electronica
> Short bursts of ideas, concepts, opinions and perspectives that permit
> jumping around of topic, provoking thoughts and possibilities. 
> Starting points and stepping stones, I am fond of these sorts of 
> compilations, great for picking up and putting down at random moments.
> BobC
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> http://trundlebox.iuma.com
> http://tinyurl.com/yuru7