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It's time to plug my sitar & tablas into the EDP!

Well, it's been 6 months since I've taken my sitar and tablas out of
their cases, and I'm incredibly rusty, but attending Y24K and hearing
all the diversity of wonderful loopers has inspired me to try looping
something besides my guitar.  It's time to plug my sitar & tablas into
the EDPs!

Bare with me on this first sample sound clip, as I'm only at 25% of my
prior agility on the sitar, and I practiced for only 30 minutes before
recording, but hopefully you'll get the gist...I'm just testing the
waters here. I was able to record two layers of sitar loops, solo at a
very rudimentary level, and then solo freely with the tablas.  I may
start blending the acoustic guitar in eventually...aspiring toward a
virtual looped "Shakti".

Let me know what you think...


The owner of a local Indian restaurant here has been bugging me to play
the sitar at his venue for over a year now. The EDPs just may be my
ticket to doing this, because it allows me to bring in the tablas,
guitar, and other percussive instruments for loads of looping fun.

Krispen Hartung