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Re: International Live Looping Day: Saturday, October 9th

Happy ILLD, everyone!

At 07:40 PM 10-6-2004, you wrote:

>Mayor Scott Kennedy of the city of Santa Cruz, California
>has declared Saturday, October 9th to be
>International Live Looping Day in the city of Santa Cruz.
>The mayor is in the middle east doing international peace work this week
>so ex-mayor and city council person Emilly Reilly will make a formal
>presentation to the featured artists of the Y2K4 Live Looping Festival
>this coming Saturday evening at 6:50 p.m.,
>right before the beginning of the evening concert.
>We hope you can make it.
>Also,  many loopers from around the world who have been unable to
>make the festival have recorded shoutouts to
>the performers and spectators and we'll be playing them
>in between acts on Saturday and Sunday.
>In addition,  Etheric Networks with the audio help of Bernhard Wagner
>will be INTERNET SIMULCASTING  the audio of the entire main festival
>on Saturday and Sunday between noon and midnight PST
>while all 50+ assembled live loopers will be performing.
>We are getting this together at the last minute but we'll post here
>for where you can go to hear the concert as soon as we know everything's 
>Hope to see some of you at the festival.   Please come up and say hi and 
>introduce yourselves
>if we haven't met in person before.   Loop on, everyone!