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Re: International Live Looping Day: Saturday, October 9th

Hey all !!!

I have been pretty busy this week and was kind of feeling like I had missed out on all the fun,

Then I got a call from "The Source" a little club here in Carlisle England, they said that their regular act had just cancelled and asked how quickly I could come up witha gig, I said that I would manage something for saturday and had a few frantic days of pinting posters, ringing friends and generally sorting stuff out..........On the Saturday night I played on a cute rather dark stage to just over fifty people, many of them close friends, others who had just turned up out of the blue, it was International Live Looping Day and I cant tell you how proud I was to be doing my bit at this side of the atlantic.

 I was really bummed that I had not had the finances to make it over to the biggie in Santa Cruz, but I think this was a really nice evenings concilation price.

I have minidisked the gig and at some point I will try to get them to my download site.

Hope you all had  really great time whereever ou where looping.

Phill Wilson (a.k.a. Blackface)

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