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Seeking musicians: San Francisco Found Objects Festival

Hey everyone,

I'm putting together the 3rd Annual San Francisco Found Objects Festival, 
and am looking for 2 or 3 more musicians to create music using only sounds 
from household objects submitted by the audience. If you're interested, 
please read the info below.

The dates are Thursday and Friday, November 4th and 5th in San Francisco. 
Venues are the Luggage Store Gallery (thursday) and 964 Natoma (friday). 
time is 20 minutes per performer/group. (That'll make more sense when you 
read the rest.) There's no payment guarantee or anything. Artists will get 
an even share of the door after the venue takes its fee.

The challenge:
All the sounds used in your set must be generated from an object that was 
submitted by an audience member. Musicians are allowed to bring any 
equipment to MODIFY sounds, including bows, malletts, laptop computers, 
samplers and effects. You can't use guitars, drums, voice, etc, unless 
the sound of the found object that we're hearing. (For example, using a 
spring as a prepared guitar implement is not allowed, but using a guitar 
a midi device to control samples of a spring is allowed.)

The objects submitted by the audience will be placed in a loose mess 
the performance area. During your set, you're free to pick up and use any 
the objects you feel are appropriate for what you're doing. All the acts 
the night will be working from the same pool of objects. I try to book a 
variety of musical styles in each night though, so different acts will use 
different objects, or the same objects differently. In order to keep the 
event on schedule, we ask the artists to have their equipment set-up 
the show starts.

Anyway, if you're interested, please email me off-list.  Right now we're 
only looking for 2 or 3 people, but we keep "extra" folks in mind for 

Matt Davignon

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