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Boss RC-20 / EDP Sync

I've been playing around with the synch thing some more. I think I came up 
with a circuit that will make the RC-20 only send a synch signal when it is
actually playing sound. This worked ok when actually hooked up to the 
as well, but after playing with it for a while, I am having a problem.

I should explain the setup...I have a bunch of 4 and 8-bar drum loops 
into my RC-20. I need to be able to start the RC-20, hit record on the 
EDP, and 
have the EDP start recording when the next synch pulse comes in. This 
Then I need it to keep recording until the next synch pulse after I hit the
record pedal again. This works as long as you don't try to make a really 
loop. But when I try to record a long one where the EDP is recording 16
or 32 repetitions of the RC-20's loop, the ending of the loop gets further 
further off from where it should be. It looks to me like what's happening 
that the EDP only pays attention to the first two synch pulses after you 
record, and after that ignores them and uses its own internal timing based 
those first two pulses. Maybe I have some parameter set wrong? Is there a 
to make the EDP readjust itself to every new synch pulse during the whole 
it is recording, and to stop recording based on a synch pulse? Thanks.

Mark Smart