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RE: Check out "Line 6 - Tonecore"

Title: RE: Check out "Line 6 - Tonecore"
I sold my Pod Pro a few months back primarily for 3 reasons.
1.. I began to hear the digital goo going on in the background, its subtle but  its there. I slight bit of background distortion for lack of a better description, mostly noticeable on clean fender black face type settings.
2. I noticed minute latency,in the signal, however slight, but just a slight lag time.
3. It was missing some of the touch sensitivity of a real tube amp, the natural compression that a tube gives. What some players describe as the amps ability to breath.
All this being said I'm still a fan of modeling, and in the case of the new vox stuff, they are getting there act together as far as the "feel" issue goes. The latency and digital noise I described are not noticeable in a full mix, so they are still a viable tool in the recording environment, particularly when one can't play loud and needs to go direct. And Live the digital noise factor is a non-issue, though I have heard the knock that modeling amps sound thin live, that has not been my experience. But the feel issue is a big issue for most guitarists I believe, and until they get that really nailed the die hards will remain die hards.  I'm fortunate in that I own a couple of vintage tube amps that I didn't pay a King's ransom for. I also own a groove tubes trio preamp, left over from the rack crazy 90"s. Even with that I have to use a cabinet simulator, and its not quite the same as a mic'd tube amp in terms of dynamics and sense of air.. But for the guy who doesn't have the sheckles to buy a vintage tube amp or something new and boutique, Modeling offers a versatile good sounding, affordable alternative. That $250 30 watt new vox modeling amp sounds fantastic!. $250 for excellent good feeling models of several classic amps. And who knows ,perhaps the kid who plays a modeling amp will be inspired to seek out the real thing like I did after playing around with models of Vox ac15's and 30's.  As far as modeling effects goes, I own a couple of DL4's and I love them, I feel I could play a gig with just one of those as my looper (though I'd prefer two). Sure they have noisy switches and yes, I've heard cleaner delays (far dirtier one too), but they are, as far as I know, the only available looper  that allows you to use the loop function and have a secondary echo type delay with control over delay time, regeneration and depth, simultaneously. (owners of Rangs and DL20's can chime in here, I haven't thoroughly checked either pedal out.)  The other great feature is the dedicated expression pedal which I'm surprised more people haven't raved about on LD. The ability to set up two different snap shots of a delay's settings, and morph between them can yield real flexibility on a pedal with only three preset locations, not to mention great command over regeneration or delay time or mix, or all of them at once. Ok so this is my long winded way of saying to Andreas W and all the other modeling nay sayers....Give some of the newer stuff a try,  who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.  About tuners,, haven't checked out the guyatone. I have an Intelli -touch tuner that  easily and non abrasively clamps on the headstock and can be folded in so its not wagging in the breeze. it seems accurate and I like the fact I don't have to plug in to it at all, it senses vibration, and can be clamped on virtually any guitar that has a head stock. .Well maybe not a parker fly....Runs on those little wafer batteries which is a drag, but I've had mine about three years, and have yet to change batteries,  probably because they have an automatic shut off circuit that powers down after a few minutes of non activity, Sweet.. I also like the tiny cheap  Korg models, really small and accurate.
Ok I've prattled long enough
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From: Andreas Willers [mailto:A.Willers@t-online.de]
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 1:14 AM
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Subject: RE: Check out "Line 6 - Tonecore"


I have to aggree. I personally think that the whole modelling thing is simply crap and analog is the way to go whenever possible as long as it's not an add-on effect like reverb or (loop-) delay. But just last week I thought I'd immediately get a box that would do standard delay fare plus ducking, reverse and modulation to broaden the options of my Danelectro BackTalk reverse delay. (The DL-4 takes is too big for my board, I loop with the EDP). So here it is, and I will give it a chance for shure. Although the nice grainy sound of the Dano is quite something.

BTW, what is the best compact guitar  tuner on the market? Anyone tried the Guyatone?


In my opinion, anyone interested in Line 6 gear, and modeling gear in
general, owes it to themselves to actually TRY the stuff out firsthand.
There is so much hype with these newly released gizmo's, and Line6 is
the biggest culprit of touting the wonders of their new products.  The
user base are the beta testers, essentially!  and if and when the
limitations of the gear becomes an issue, quite possibly Line6 isn't
going to do anything about it, or they have already moved their focus
onto their next product.

If you're ok with that (and begrudgingly, I am, cuz I own a few L6
products), then go ahead and buy.

Also, although L6 claims the superiority of their products, they still
often don't 'feel' like the real thing....they are more like 'their own
thing'.  Again, as long as you're ok with that, more power to you.  I
just encourage you to try it out and make sure it fits you, rather than
thinking Line 6 is overtly concerned about rock solid performance and
user interfaces.  They seems to just leave the icing off the cake in
favor of selling more units, IMO.

Just my 2 cents too many,


Plus, modellng products just 'feel' different.  If you
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From: Per Boysen [mailto:per@boysen.se]
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2004 2:51 AM
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Subject: Re: Check out "Line 6 - Tonecore"

On Sep 28, 2004, at 10:22, Andreas Willers wrote:

> wow,
>  maybe time for my first piece of equipment from Line 6....
> may be of interest to some.....Click Here: Check out "Line 6 -
> Tonecore" http://www.line6.com/tonecore/echoPark.html

yes the EchoPark spec's all look very interesting. "Sweep" and
"Ducking" are parameters I'm very concerned with now when setting up a
laptop looping meta-instrument. It's cool to see they also added
"Reverse". If you buy one, Andreas, can you post a review?  ;-)

All the best

Per Boysen