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RE: EDP using the "metronome" midi note outs...

this may not be exactly what you want, but I have the Korg MS2000, and what I've been doing through Live 4, say, for a one bar loop, is to set up a midi clip with a whole note for 4 beats to trigger the MS2000, and on the same row or scene, set up a one shot midi clip, 5 beats long for the EDP.  there's only 2 quarter notes in this midi clip, on the 1st beat, a D1 to trigger the Record button, and on the 5th beat, a D#1 to trigger the Overdub button. 
by clicking (one way or the other) on the scene launch button for that row, you trigger all the clips at the same time.  this syncs up everything perfectly to start with, and I let the loop for the MS2000 go for a couple of measures, so it layers nice and strongly, until I start doing things on the synth.
you can also set up on the same scene, midi clips for as many beats as you want, to play a drum machine, or a bass line, for example.  this get all the "pots" cooking in sync, and then you can start "stirring" them up, so to speak.  (boy, this "cooking" jive really dates me :)
you also have to route the Korg MS2000R channel to the EDP, one way or another.
if you have more than the synth going, you'd probably want to set up everything to slave to Live 4, because they do start to drift after awhile.
hope I didn't mis-understand you completely!

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Subject: EDP using the "metronome" midi note outs...

I don’t have the manual in front of me so I can’t quite remember what the terms are called, but on the EDP, there are various midi notes sent out on Start loop, 8ths notes and the loop point. I believe it is there for recording onto a sequencer (and triggering the EDP later from these notes??? Dunno? )


But I have a question. I have the Korg MS2000R synth and it has a built in analog sequencer. Right now I have to make a loop (to set the bpm) and then very precisely hit a key on the Korg for it to be in synch. Last night I tried “Playing the synth” from these midi notes that EDP spits out. But all I want is ONE note PER BAR (I guess the loop point note) not all the other notes. There doesn’t seem to be anyway of specifying this on EDP, so I was wondering if I can “filter out” all notes I don’t need??? I DO use a laptop in my setup, but would prefer NOT to route the midi to and from this, I’m looking for a (CHEAP) box to do this with (or a circuit, I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron)


Any ideas, or off the wall solutions appreciated..


(Actually off the wall suggestions are positively encouraged!!!)