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Re: Chords: played vs. built (was: mono ebow (was Eivind Aarset)

I've gone both ways with the single note/chordal
approach.  I just recently finished a song that
involved about six tracks of single note playing that
when organised properly turned out a pretty wierd
arpeggiated chordal sequence.  I used Ambiloop, along
with Acid to add the beats.  I would start with track
one and play a note on the click of the metronome. 
the second track was done the same way, but with a few
diferent notes, then, I reversed that part, and the
notes would fall in between those of the first track. 
It sounded like an arpeggio, but at the same time, it
sounded like a reverse delay, because the attack was
backwards.  I then made a drone tone on the open E
string(did I mention this was done on the guitar?),
and slowed it down to replicate the bass.  Next, I
performed a melody in the similar fashion as the
chords, and it had about the same effect, but was
played in the higher registers.  Then, I did a solo at
half speed, so when I turned it on normal, it didn't
sound much like a guitar.  I then took all those parts
and put them into ACID and panned them and all kinds
of stuff, so even though you heard the signle lines as
chords, they were moving all over the place.  I need
to upload this somewhere so you all can hear what I'm
talking about.  Anyway, that's what I did for that
song, but I've also played full chord prograssions and
added embellishments on top of it as well, I used
didferent sounds and keep the guitars pretty clean so
they don't turn into mush.  So I can work either way
on this one.

--- "David J. Grossman" <dave@unpronounceable.com>

> > loop-clarity, we might approach the instrument as
> if
> > it were indeed monophonic, with the understanding
> that
> > the looping device(s) will provide the polyphony.
> I
> > know I do that quite a bit with guitar, layering
> > single notes, particularly as I start to build a
> loop.
> I do this all the time. I often layer 7 or more
> voices with my bass (well,
> 7-string bass, so more in the treble range) in
> addition to a bass line
> (which often has several voices of its own). The
> trick I use is to add the
> voices polyrhythmically and/or syncopated. It's a
> really cool effect. Also,
> I sometimes use my eBow to add keyboard-like swells
> where different voices
> enter and leave at various times.
> I'll try to post some audio clips of some of this
> looping stuff. There is
> some looping in these clips:
> http://www.unpronounceable.com/bargooma/audio/
> it may be a little out there for you guys. It's
> mostly improvised. The
> musicians include Gene Jun from Idiot Flesh, John
> Axtell from Psychefunkapus
> and Jan Jackson from Motherbug. There is also
> another bassist on a couple
> tracks.
> - Dave
> http://www.unpronounceable.com/dave/

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