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Re: Chords: played vs. built (was: mono ebow (was Eivind Aarset)

> loop-clarity, we might approach the instrument as if
> it were indeed monophonic, with the understanding that
> the looping device(s) will provide the polyphony. I
> know I do that quite a bit with guitar, layering
> single notes, particularly as I start to build a loop.

I do this all the time. I often layer 7 or more voices with my bass (well,
7-string bass, so more in the treble range) in addition to a bass line
(which often has several voices of its own). The trick I use is to add the
voices polyrhythmically and/or syncopated. It's a really cool effect. Also,
I sometimes use my eBow to add keyboard-like swells where different voices
enter and leave at various times.

I'll try to post some audio clips of some of this looping stuff. There is
some looping in these clips:
it may be a little out there for you guys. It's mostly improvised. The
musicians include Gene Jun from Idiot Flesh, John Axtell from 
and Jan Jackson from Motherbug. There is also another bassist on a couple

- Dave