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RE: Check out "Line 6 - Tonecore"

In my opinion, anyone interested in Line 6 gear, and modeling gear in
general, owes it to themselves to actually TRY the stuff out firsthand.
There is so much hype with these newly released gizmo's, and Line6 is
the biggest culprit of touting the wonders of their new products.  The
user base are the beta testers, essentially!  and if and when the
limitations of the gear becomes an issue, quite possibly Line6 isn't
going to do anything about it, or they have already moved their focus
onto their next product.

If you're ok with that (and begrudgingly, I am, cuz I own a few L6
products), then go ahead and buy.

Also, although L6 claims the superiority of their products, they still
often don't 'feel' like the real thing....they are more like 'their own
thing'.  Again, as long as you're ok with that, more power to you.  I
just encourage you to try it out and make sure it fits you, rather than
thinking Line 6 is overtly concerned about rock solid performance and
user interfaces.  They seems to just leave the icing off the cake in
favor of selling more units, IMO.

Just my 2 cents too many,


Plus, modellng products just 'feel' different.  If you 
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On Sep 28, 2004, at 10:22, Andreas Willers wrote:

> wow,
>  maybe time for my first piece of equipment from Line 6....
> may be of interest to some.....Click Here: Check out "Line 6 - 
> Tonecore" http://www.line6.com/tonecore/echoPark.html

yes the EchoPark spec's all look very interesting. "Sweep" and 
"Ducking" are parameters I'm very concerned with now when setting up a 
laptop looping meta-instrument. It's cool to see they also added 
"Reverse". If you buy one, Andreas, can you post a review?  ;-)

All the best

Per Boysen

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