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Re: PK-5 as MIDI controller for loop set up (was MidiMate vs Allaccess)

Larry Cooperman wrote:

> Jeff,
> Now the MCF-10 will do at least 10 control changes of the EDP and 
> maybe more right?  Shoot, the buttons look quiet enough, it may have a 
> weird interface for you, for me it's all weird.  I'm primitive with 
> this gear but my music/sound world is my primary focus.
The MFC10 can send up to 100 different control change messages on all 16 
channels. In 50
out of the 100 "memories", you can send 4 control changes on one pedal, 
the other 50
can only send one control change per pedal.

So yes, it should be able to control all of the MIDI functions on the EDP. 

The main thing I don't like about it is the way you scroll through all 
100 memories.
If you want to minimize the amount of tap dancing you do on stage, then you
will be limited to 10 control changes.  You can get to all the others,
it just takes more footwork which I would find distracting.

The MFC is about twice the cost of the Behringer and the only real 
is the ability to use more MIDI channels.  How many devices do you
need to control at once?  If  it is just the EDP, the Behringer is more 
than enough.
If you've got a rack full of synth's and processors then the MFC may be 
But note that if you have more than one device in the rack that you need
to control with the expression pedal, the MFC can't do that, the pedal
always sends messages on one channel.

> I ordered the EDP foot controller and it will be here tomorrow.  I can 
> use that for catching loops and the controller for the fades and whatnot.
> So the MFC-10 is good in that sense, right?
The MFC combined with the EDP foot controller would be better.  You can 
use the EDP controller for
the most frequently used functions, and the MFC for 10 of the more 
esoteric functions and the
pedal for feedback.  The MFC only has one pedal, so if you want to 
control output volume
as well you'll need another pedal like the Roland EV-5.  But this is 
starting to take
up a lot of floorspace.   Again, i you only need to control the EDP with 
control changes and
other devices with program changes, the Behringer is by far the best 
value.  You have
access to all of the EDP functions in a more convenient way than the 
MFC, you
get two expression pedals, and it takes up a lot less real estate than 
of other pedals.