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I'm feeling kinda Loopy....

    Well, after years of being interested in looping, last night I went ahead and bought a Boomerang+ (the current model).  I've been having a blast with it so far, tackling simple tunes like Moondance and trying to get a feel for it.  I know it's no Echoplex, but it's keeping me plenty busy!
    My goal is to do solo bass shows, or maybe play some guitar too if I get a Y box setup together.  I can tell it will take a lot of practice to get this whole looping thing really figured out, but it looks like a very fun adventure.
    I don't know much about feedback, except that the manual says there are a lot of settings for it.  Does feedback just reduce the volume of the first loop as you layer more on top of it?  Any recommendations for where to set it?
    Also, is there any trick for adjusting volume levels for layers on top of a groove?  Do you turn your volume up for the foundation, then bring the instrument level back down to do the "background" stuff on top of it?
    Lastly, there's a lot of hiss, is there some trick to cut all that noise down?