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Re: Improvised queer themed music & spoken word online

This topic immediately made me think of Coil and Thighpaulsandra...


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we are the cure." (Agent Smith / Matrix)

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From: "Yon Mercury" <swirlee@stickist.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2004 7:01 AM
Subject: Improvised queer themed music & spoken word online

> September 20, 2004
> Good news! ... Out of my little joy hole plopped another full length CD
> with inspired improvisations, this time with queer themes. Many hours of
> improvisation and refining of the FreeWheeling process have resulted in
> little egg. I now have a web host for all my music, so you can check this
> music out along with three older CDs of FreeWheeling improv.
> Audio link is at:
> http://home.graffiti.net/swirlee/freewheeling/index.html#news
> My work has been going deeper into my voice, trying to create an honesty
> there-- nurturing truth medicine to address this challenging world. I
> believe in the power of truth. I have chosen it. In this role, I see
> beginning to facilitate group trance circles with healing intention. I
> the power music has to catalyze and transform, and I wish to use the
> receptivity of improvisation to channel beneficial forces in real life
> This is community work. But flying solo, like I do on the new CD, is an
> important part of the whole balance. It's where I learn to hear God. And,
> listening, you become a part of the vibration. So I welcome your 
> In software news, FreeWheeling continues to evolve towards a release
point. I
> am moving to test it on more systems and interfaces. Work is progressing
on a
> flexible configuration system that allows users to configure in detail 
> that MIDI devices and other inputs control the software. The glove fits 
> hand, but perhaps you'd like to use your foot, you know?
> Thank You All for your input in the polls and your lively discussions in
> chat rooms. They have helped me see that Open Source is (probably) the 
> go, with an initial release to the Linux community. I will make an
> announcement on the list when a release is made.
> Blessings to you.... -Mercury