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Improvised queer themed music & spoken word online

September 20, 2004

Good news! ... Out of my little joy hole plopped another full length CD 
with inspired improvisations, this time with queer themes. Many hours of
improvisation and refining of the FreeWheeling process have resulted in 
little egg. I now have a web host for all my music, so you can check this 
music out along with three older CDs of FreeWheeling improv.

Audio link is at:

My work has been going deeper into my voice, trying to create an honesty
there-- nurturing truth medicine to address this challenging world. I 
believe in the power of truth. I have chosen it. In this role, I see myself
beginning to facilitate group trance circles with healing intention. I know
the power music has to catalyze and transform, and I wish to use the
receptivity of improvisation to channel beneficial forces in real life 

This is community work. But flying solo, like I do on the new CD, is an
important part of the whole balance. It's where I learn to hear God. And, 
listening, you become a part of the vibration. So I welcome your feedback.

In software news, FreeWheeling continues to evolve towards a release 
point. I
am moving to test it on more systems and interfaces. Work is progressing 
on a
flexible configuration system that allows users to configure in detail the 
that MIDI devices and other inputs control the software. The glove fits my
hand, but perhaps you'd like to use your foot, you know?

Thank You All for your input in the polls and your lively discussions in 
chat rooms. They have helped me see that Open Source is (probably) the way 
go, with an initial release to the Linux community. I will make an
announcement on the list when a release is made.

Blessings to you.... -Mercury