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Re: need recommendation: decent drum machine software

I'm using the free software drum machine Loopazoid as a VST plug in in
EnergyXT.  It works great.  Drumatic is also a free Windows VST plug
in that is even simpler than Loopazoid, but you are limited to the
sounds it comes with.  You'll need some sort of sequencing software to
program the patterns, EnergyXT is cheap, clean and straightforward and
works great for me.  Hope this is of interest.

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 14:23:37 +0000, jj 179 <jj179subs@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Whoops, should have mentioned I'm using a Windows box. Any Windows
> compatible suggestions?
> thx,
> jj
> >If you have a Mac loaded with OS X and if you can live without recording
> >drum rhythms in real-time I think iDrum would be fine with you. iDrum is
> >actually inspired by the MPC60 and some people say it sounds like one. 
> >you use a computer running Windows you might check out DR-008 by 
> >The latest version does work as a standalone and it's very well designed
> >for easy use and good features.
> >
> >At the next level there is Ableton Live 4. Live can do what the MPC2000
> >does and a little more. Quite a lot more actually, you might think it's
> >overkill for the special use you have in mind.
> >
> >All the best
> >
> >Per Boysen
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> >http://www.boysen.se
> >http://www.looproom.com
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