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decent drum machine software

I have been programming drum machines since the Roland CR-78 came on the 
market (in the 70's);
both hardware and software and I can say after trying to sample most 
on the market that
FLStudio Producers Edition ($149 at  www.flstudio.com in Vsti and Dxi) is 
the very best
drum machine I have ever experienced, hands down!

It used to be called Fruity Loops Pro but the upgrades they have 
made to it make it a
much more sophisticated writing machine than it used to be in that 
incarnation (in case anyone
tried it two or three years ago).

It's extremely intuitive and simple for a beginner to use but it has a lot 
of layers and I'm still discovering hip things
inside of it for composition.

It is basically set up on a grid visual system,   like the early Roland 
machines, which I find to be the easiest
way to program, but every single note that you program has a lot of drop 
down menus that allow one to
radically change the sound of the each sample you use (non destructively, 
might add) and each note you program.

You may use any .wav files on your computer as your sources of sound.

You can import or export midi files,  .wav files or .mp3 files of your 

One can also use Vst soft synths and you can import really long audio 
that you can loop as well.

I can't say enough about this software.  IMHO I think it is the best buy 
the price in the entire synth market.

It's only drawback is that it is not ported to the Max OS.

My next CD will be 90% created in FLStudio.     I am also NOT an endorsee 
this product officially......just a fanatic fan.
You can also try the Fruity Loops tribe at www.tribe.net to connect with 
other enthusiastic and very knowledgeable users.

Try it.  you'll like it.

Rick Walker