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RE: EDP pedals

That's the reason that stops me from going for the Behringer piece, too.
Actually you CAN go from parameter set to parameter set with the POEP 
old Echoplex pedal)!
If you haven't configured INSERT to Halfspeed you can press INSERT when in
Reset and go up to the next higher Preset or press MUTE to go down to the
previous preset.

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> wow, this is loopers delight at its best -- thanks for the info, guys.
> I seem to have fixed my problem by (insert shamefaced expression here)
> cleaning my pedals -- they're ones with metal switches, but boy were they
> dirty.  Much better now- and I'll probably try the wrestling shoe
> idea too.
> The Behringer pedal does seem too big to me -- I like to keep my gear as
> compact as possible so I probably won't explore that, tho it
> would be great
> to have a separate pedal for going from parameter set to
> parameter set . . .