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Re: Stage shoes (was RE: EDP pedals)

Can't go wrong with VANS !!!

I have a funny performance tape of my band where I decided to wear
these doc marten type boots on stage. That was the biggest mistake
ever. At one point you can hear me tapping my midi controller like
crazy because I double pressed a few buttons causing the entire bank
to change - its hard to figure out where you are at when you are
trying to keep the song going and read your LED display on the floor.

VANS make me feel like i'm walking on air when on stage - just don't
wear the classic checkered slip ons - you may cause vertigo - and
please - I can't stress this enough - leave your OP shorts and Hang
Ten shirts at home!!!!


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Subject: Re: Stage shoes (was RE: EDP pedals)
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I recently read a short blurb online from Brian Eno about an incident
that occured during the recording sessions for the new disc he did
with Fripp(The Equatorial Stars)  where he tapped up via footswitch an
incorrect sampling rate for the recorder to utilize which proved
unusable after 2 plus hours of incredible performance being shoved
into it by he and Fripp. He stated that this error was due to new
footwear he had recently purchased.As to the EDP pedal, it remains the
weakest aspect of the product, while being the most economical and
practical to produce during all the many phases of it's manufacture.
Practical alternatives for this stock controller have been well
documented on this list, as well as other conjectures of foot
controllers for other loop devices.Perhaps toe shoes will prove the
answer. I use a JamMan which makes the possibility of my drunken foot
erasing all the current loops quite real and keeps the spirit of
looping as containing an element of hazard,quite alive when coupled
with no "undo" function to boot.But smart and sober people with small
feet should have no difficulty.Perhaps there could be a "Training"
game not unlike Twister where you have to spin a dial to determine a
command to enter via your EDP pedal so you can practice in a fun
                                                       bryan helm 

Joey Aguilera