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RE: Stage shoes (was RE: EDP pedals)

Think of using the EDP pedals as being like playing your instrument would
you really play guitar or violin with gloves on (though some can I guess?)
I have an FCB 1010 but, find that I like the stock pedal the FCB just adds
too many options. Now if I could come up with a MIDI pedal about the size 
the EFC with maybe three or four more buttons I would be very happy.

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Subject: Stage shoes (was RE: EDP pedals)

At 09:29 AM 9/15/2004, Bernhard Wagner wrote:
>I've started wearing special Echoplex Shoes (TM)! ;-) My pedal only 
>sees those or bare feet...

FWIW, I do the same thing (although for different pedals than the EDP).

I highly recommend wrestling shoes for this purpose.  They have super-thin
soles, so you can better feel what you're doing down there.  The soles are
made of rubber, which could help prevent any unfortunate 'grounding
incidents'.  And most shoes of this type are made to be more slender at the
tips.  This is quite helpful for people with bloody huge feet -- like 
-- so we can actually hit the button at which we're aiming, and not the two
or three on either side of it.


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