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Re: Ableton Live As A Live Looper

At 04:39 PM 9/13/2004, Os wrote:

>at the risk of trumpeting my own wares - you could have a look at my 
>looping plug-in, to which I've just added some Live-friendly sync 
>That said I could still do with some vociferous live-loopers to back me 
>with some enhancements requests I'm badgering Ableton about. :)

Well, since they finally integrated MIDI, I took the plunge and picked up 
Live 4 a few days ago (seriously kewl, BTW).  And based on Per's raves 
regarding Augustus Loop as a looping plug, I went over and plunked down my 
twenty for that tonight.  Seriously, $20 is such a bargain for this great 
little widget.  Although I've now got to integrate it with my setup (read: 
figure out how to use it.  my wife just asked me if I were strangling 
gotta remember to set Inertia to 0).

Os, about which features do you need help badgering Ableton?  I'm only 
learning the software, but if you need help piling on, let us know which 
features/bugs in particular they need to iron out.  I'm sure there are 
than a few here who'd be happy to help.


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