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RE: bjork's new CD)

Title: Re: bjork's new CD)

Hey!  Stan and Dr. Z!


Since you two guys seem to be in such syncronicity with your thoughts, and both of you were treats of the 2002 loopfest, IMO.


….and you’re both playing 2004.




Can we get Stan to play a bit and have Dr. Z cut it up live?    Yowza!!!










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At 12:51 PM -0700 9/6/04, loop.pool wrote:

and to Richard Zvonar:

viz a vis your post about former all vocal pop and avante garde CDs:

I didn't mean at all to imply that I was being groundbreaking in a cultural
sense with my CD and want to disabuse anyone
of that notion immediately.    I really meant that I was being
groundbreaking for MYSELF by attempting to do something
so audacious

I didn't think you were making such claims.  I was merely providing some pointers to earlier recordings of music made out of vocal sounds, no judgement of anyone's work implied.

Your comment about breaking ground for your self is apt. Pauline Oliveros used to say something similar to her students, when some of them would use the excuse "It's been done." Pauline would invariable respond, "Yes, but you haven't done it."

well said again...and i guess the inverse of that is:
...this takes me back to the 'art world' i left when i got into my musical guise...
there is nothing more defeating than to be in a museum and to be awestruck by a painting by MARK ROTHKO or MORRIS LOUIS or someone who paints unrepresentationally(is that a word?) and hear someone looking  at it and saying goofilee  
"i could do that..."! ya feel like showing him that new star 'myshoe' way up past 'Uranus'. i know this is OT but if anyone knows the beauty and elegance of a Rothko painting it really hurts to hear someone belittle it(even if unknowningly).
and, no i dont think they could 'do it'...
many an artist has taken the ideals  and used them to their own end...
sorry...just ramblin...

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