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RE: Stereo EDPs and Timing Drift (I've made the recommended settings, etc)

Hi Kim, LD Group -

I am not using any other MIDI devices with my two EDP+s. Here is a
detailed look at my settings and connections, plus the results of a
basic test.

- Two identical model EDP Plus units (purchased new two months ago)
- Both Units connected via a stereo 1/4" cable between the BrotherSync
- One MIDI cable running from the MIDI OUT of unit A to the MIDI IN of
unit B
- I am controlling unite A via a white Echoplex Digital Pro controller
pedal (also bought new a few months ago) that connects to unit B via a
standard 1/4 inch cable
- Both units have Sync set to Out
- Both units have ControlSource set to Controllers

The slight delay does not occur immediately after recording a phrase,
but appears slightly several repeat phrases later. The drift occurs and
begins to increase gradually.

I am running a basic test now. I just played and recorded a single
sequence of notes and I'm letting it loop back  The time displays on the
two units appear to be in sync as well.  1 minute later, the playback is
starting to exhibit the delay slightly, then it inceases gradually (the

...back 5 minutes later...drift still increasing. I stopped the loop,
hitting pause, started again, and the delay is gone.  

Back five minutes later...drift is back.

I switched the MIDI and foot controller pedal connections between unit A
and B

5 minutes later...drift is back. Switched out the stereo 1/4 brother
sync cable with a different cable. Started a new loop.

5 minutes later....massive drift...10 minutes later, more drift.


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settings, etc)

are you using any other midi devices, or any other sync?

Is one of the units an old oberheim unit, or are both brand new, or some

other combination?

I'm not sure I understood your description of your problem exactly. do
start out with the 50ms delay between them, or do the start together and

then drift that much? Is the time display the same on both when a loop


At 11:12 PM 9/5/2004, you wrote:
>With the EDP floor footpedal board.
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>Subject: Re: Stereo EDPs and Slight Timing (I've made the recommended 
>settings, etc)
>At 01:25 PM 9/5/2004, Krispen Hartung wrote:
> >I know this topic has probably been beaten into the ground on 
> >previous threads, but I've searched for past threads, read the EDP+ 
> >manual (page
> >2-9 on Stereo operation and page 6-7 on BrotherSync), made those 
> >settings on my unit, and I still get a slight timing drift on 
> >occasion.
> >The timing doesn't get continuously worse over time; rather it just 
> >diverges to the point to where it sounds like I'm running a 50MS 
> >delay on my guitar.
>sounds strange. How are you controlling them?
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